Emmett's Wildlife Initiative

Helping Save Earth's Wildlife One Expedition at a Time

For Every Purchase Through EmmettsExpeditions.com,
$1 Goes to Nature Conservation Efforts by Emmett's Wildlife Initiative.

Hi, I'm Ashley, Mom to Emmett and creator of Emmett's Expeditions. Emmett and I believe the Earth is worth protecting. We see the list of animals in danger of extinction is steadily growing. Their habitats are continually declining. It is vital we all do our part, to save this beautiful world we live in. Each month, I will donate $1 to a nature fund for every purchase made through Emmett's Expeditions*. Help Emmett and I save Earth's wildlife one expedition at a time.

This Month's Wildlife Initiative: Polar Bears International

Polar Bears | Emmett's Wildlife Initiative


This month, Emmett's Expeditions is donating $1 per purchase to Polar Bears International.

Earth's temperatures are rising, the ice is melting, and polar bears need our help. Polar Bears International (PBI) is dedicated to the conservation of wild polar bears, and their habitats. They are spreading awareness on the condition of the climate, saving our sea ice, and of course helping the polar bears. PBI also gives loads of tips on how we can help at home such as: riding a bike to reduce carbon emissions and unplugging electronics we are not using. Every bit helps! Find out more about how you can help Polar Bears or make a direct donation at polarbearsinternational.org.

Vote for the March Wildlife Initiative

You can submit your nature conservation organization nominations in the Emmett's Expedition Clubhouse Facebook Group or via my contact page. Share this page with friends and family to get more votes on your organization of choice. A new nature conservation organization will be featured each month, allowing Emmett's Wildlife Initiative to contribute to twelve nature conservation organizations each year.

Ways You Can Help

  • Shop at Emmett's Expeditions. $1 from every purchase goes to wildlife.
  • Share this page to spread the word about Emmett's Wildlife Initiative.
  • Nominate and Vote for your favorite nature conservation organizations.
  • Donate directly to the nature conservation organizations of your choice.

January's Wildlife Initiative donated
$25 to the Coral Reef Alliance

Coral Reef Alliance | Emmett's Wildlife Initiative

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is an organization with a mission to restore and protect coral reefs. If you've ever snorkeled among a coral reef, you've seen the vibrant and beautiful ecosystem that it is. (See some of our coral reef expedition highlights here.) However, these ecosystems are in danger from temperatures rising in ocean waters and the ever growing water pollution. CORAL is an organization working to stop the extinction of coral reefs. Find out more and donate directly at CORAL.org.

*nature fund tracker for Emmett's Wildlife Initiative can be found in the footer