About Emmett's Expeditions

About Emmett's Expedition Team

Hello! I'm Ashley, mom and creator of Emmett’s Expeditions.

Designing and learning have always been things I love to do. When my son started reading before the age of two, I had to get creative. I was constantly putting together learning activities to keep him occupied. In 2015 I released my first educational products. They were cards for learning about wildlife of the go. Each card was watercolor illustrated with nature facts and quick info about the species. Now, I design and write digital lesson bundles on all sorts of nature science topics for wildlife driven students.

Emmett is my amazing son! He has unlimited questions waiting to be solved on our expeditions. You can expect to see lots of photos of him. Some outdoors or with his homeschool projects because… #clickinmoms! Seriously though, what better way to document the amazing life of a homeschooler?

Expedition Miles Series

Expedition Miles is an ever growing collection of digital guide books filled with wildlife projects, animal facts, wild recipes, and activities. In the beginning of each ebook, your child will record the "travel miles" for their research expedition using the provided destination coordinates. Then they will make a packing checklist fit for the expected weather of their journey. Once they reach 10 thousand expedition miles, your child will earn their first Expedition Miles badge!

Expedition Gear

Expedition Gear is a collection of limited time designs on t-shirts, bags, and blankets, featuring wildlife that needs protecting. Each month will feature a new animal and help raise money for a nature conservation organization.

Expedition Parcel

Coming Soon. Each Expedition Parcel includes 3 print edition guide books from the Expedition Miles Series, 1 Expedition Miles log book, 1 Expedition Miles badge, and a surprise adventure gift.

Emmett's Wildlife Initiative

Emmett and I believe the Earth is worth protecting. We see the list of animals in danger of extinction is steadily growing. Their habitats are continually declining. It is vital we all do our part, to save this beautiful world we live in. Each month, I will donate $1 to a nature fund for every purchase made through Emmett's Expeditions*. Help Emmett and I save Earth's wildlife one expedition at a time.

*nature fund tracker for Emmett's Wildlife Initiative can be found in the footer