Square Social Image Set

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Does your social media gallery need a professional look to engage your potential clients? Then your social media grid is ready for a consistent style and color scheme that matches your small business.

Hints of your brand should be seen in each image; be it a selfie, a landscape, or product photo. Sometimes you want to share a quote or have your image match your latest blog post. This custom set of square images is a great way to get your social media gallery on target, and plan your posts in advance.

12 Square Images Custom Made
for Your Social Media

Instagram & Facebook Compatible Images

  • File Type: JPEG or PNG
  • Size: 1080px wide x 1080 px tall
  • 6 Photos: images edited with your own photography or stock images that fit your business style
  • 3 Quotes: square graphics designed to show your small business values, favorite quote, or an upcoming sale.
  • Colors and font to match your small business
  • Optional: Your social media handle on each image

Design Process

Brand Planning Session. We will work together to determine the style, fonts, colors, images, and elements your brand needs.

Preview the Set. I'll send you a preview of the images in your set.

Revisions. You'll have 1 free round of revisions where I will make the changes you require for your images.

Download Your Files. I will finalize your design files and send you a link to download them. Then you are free to use them on your website and social media.

Check Your Inbox: I’ll send you an email as soon as possible with questions about your small business needs. Add ashley@emmettsexpeditions.com to avoid messages being lost in that pesky junk folder.