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Save the CORAL Reef | Emmett's Wildlife Initiative

Sand sifts beneath your water shoes as you hesitate to get in the water. You double check your goggles are in place. Yes, you can breathe through your snorkel just fine, and you have your underwater camera ready. Meanwhile your son is tugging on your arm impatient and ready to jump in. Then you step into the ocean.

You smile because the water is warmer than you expected and you can't wait to see the amazing marine life below.

Coral in Labadee Haiti of 2017

That was my experience in Labadee, Haiti of 2017. I took my time getting ready to explore the reef. If I rush I tend to forget things. The water felt great. There were so many fish! I took some photos and videos that still do not live up to seeing it in person. It was amazing. However, I could see the coral wasn't as healthy as my snorkeling adventures before Emmett was born. The colors used to be so vibrant. This time some of the coral was bleached. Algae coated much of the coral and marine life among it.

Sadly, the next time I take Emmett snorkeling, the beautiful coral might all be dead... Unless we make a difference right now.

Saving Coral Reefs

Rising global water temperatures and pollution are killing coral reefs - "the most biodiverse marine ecosystems in the world".* That is why the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is working with people all over the world to save coral reefs. Adaptive Reefscapes are one of the most amazing conservation projects CORAL is implementing. They are large, diverse, healthy reef networks that help the coral reefs adapt to our ever changing climate.

Thanks to your support of Emmett's Expeditions, Emmett's Wildlife Initiative raised and donated $25 this month to the Coral Reef Alliance. You can find out more about this nature organization and make a direct donation at

Ways You Can Help the Coral Reefs

  • Switch to reusable products (like a canvas tote instead of plastic bags)
  • Clean up trash on the beach and while hiking
  • Conserve water (like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth)
  • Respect destination guidelines when snorkeling or turtle watching
  • Spread the word. Let everyone know our coral reefs need our help.
  • Donate directly to the Coral Reef Alliance

Have you ever seen the coral reef?
What ocean do you hope to snorkel in next?

Save the Coral Reef | Emmett's Wildlife Initiative

Emmett's Wildlife Initiative donated $25 to CORAL

Help Us Save the Coral Reef | Emmett's Expeditions

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