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Ashley of Emmett's Expeditions

Homeschooling is steadily growing and every family learns differently. It can be difficult to find the “right” way to homeschool. You’ve read about all the defined types. Yet none of them fit specifically to your families needs.

Your children crave adventure. They thrive with hands-on activities. And you need easy to apply lesson activities to give them that.

Hi, I’m Ashley (the expedition mama drinking coffee). Emmett’s Expeditions is a homeschool community for families in search of unique adventure lessons and activities. My goal for Emmett’s Expeditions is to share project ideas, learning activities, and tips that have helped me as a home educator.

go explore with Emmett's Expeditions
  • Spotted this centipede traveling beneath the fallen leaves on the Algonquin Trail last weekend.
  • Does your kiddo love getting their picture taken? .
Emmett loves getting me to take pictures as much as I do. Every chance he got to be on top of the rocks during our hike he’d say, “Mom, can you take my picture?”
  • This past weekend Emmett, Grandpa, and I went camping with our Cub Scout pack. Even though it was cold and we had a great time.
  • One thing I really missed about Virginia is the autumn colors. Right now I’m seeing a lot of green left but there is plenty of trees that are full on autumn. I can’t wait for our hike this weekend so I can try to capture all the autumn beauty.
  • Have you ever seen this bug? It’s going to be on our next What Is That Wednesday post.
  • Emmett and I went to Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Pizza at Malawi’s Pizza yesterday. It was fun to make the pizzas and visit a new place.  I love that Malawi’s sends meals to children in need.
  • How is the weather where you are? Today it is cold here! It’s making me miss the nicer weather at Beverly Beach. I loved how this picture turned out of Emmett and his grandpa the morning we left Florida.
  • One of our favorite Disney World traditions is seeing the fireworks every night we are there. We’ve watched them from the lake at Fort Wilderness Campground, in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom, while in EPCOT, and even at my sister’s wedding reception in the Grand Floridian. 
For the first time however, Emmett and I were by the carousel before the fireworks. So we found a “bench” on the new arch walls they have outside of Bell’s castle. We looked to the back of the castle and were positively surprised to find out, there were fireworks going off all around us. It was a truly spectacular view! So if you’ve seen the light show in front of the castle time and time again, try visiting the back of the castle. It’s really incredible and not as crowded.