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Homeschool Yearbook Ideas and How to Get One

You can’t you look back at homeschool memories without a homeschool yearbook! Well, you can swipe through all your phone and camera pics… Or you can make a real yearbook!

Today we are talking about:

  • what a homeschool yearbook is
  • where you can get a homeschool yearbook
  • 5 homeschool yearbook ideas to get you started

What is a Homeschool Yearbook

A homeschool yearbook is a book of photographs and stories about your school year – like any other yearbook. Except you have complete creative control. Plus it is filled with pictures of your kids and their friends!

Tip: Don’t forget to Name Your Homeschool.

Where To Get Your Homeschool Yearbook

Picaboo Yearbooks: We get our homeschool yearbooks from Picaboo Yearbooks. There are no minimum orders – you can buy just one! The turn around time is 3 weeks. You can order any combination of hard cover, soft cover, or eBook. I’ve found their design tools pretty simple to use. They also have 4 free pages at the back of each book for individual students to personalize!

Shutterfly Yearbooks: If you use Shutterfly for photobooks, you’re probably ready to design a yearbook with them. Their minimum order number is 10 yearbooks. This would be a good option for a homeschool group. You could of course use their photobooks as a yearbook as well.

Top 5 Homeschool Yearbook Ideas

No. 5. Field Trip Journal

Field Trips are one of the best parts of homeschooling. If you take as many field trips as possible – Emmett and I often going to the same place multiple times – then you probably have plenty of photos for a yearbook like this. 

Tip: When you add your photos to your computer after a trip, put for favorite images in a folder named the location and date of your trip. This will make it easier to keep them organized for your yearbook.

No. 4. Literary Magazine

Some kids LOVE to write. If your homeschooler is a writer, consider compiling their greatest works for the year into their yearbook. You can then add images you took during the timeframe of their project. Or even pictures from random times that are related to the topic of their story.

Tip: Type their writings or save them in a favorites folder as the year goes on. The less time you have to spend on finding their writings the better.

No. 3. Monthly Highlights

Another idea is Monthly Highlight sections. Each 2 page spread could feature highlights from homeschooling that month. You can use any layout you like. Pictures and words are an easy balance in this type of yearbook. If you are a year-round homeschooler, 12 monthly spreads would take up 24 pages. So this is a really doable idea.

Tip: Save your images into monthly photos on your computer as you import them. I do this already (mostly because I’m terrible at remember “when” something happened). It saves a lot of time trying to find images for a certain month or event.

No. 2. Letters to Student

The great thing about a homeschool yearbook, is being able to look back and enjoy the memories. Writing a letter to your student for each section of the book will make a great keepsake for them as they grow older. You can even ask others who contribute to your child’s education if they’d like to write a letter as well. Then you can complement the “extra” space with those amazing photos you take throughout the year.

Tip: Typing the letters will show up better in printing than scanning a letter. However, scanning the original letter can add a nice sentimental touch to the yearbook as well. Whatever you think will work best for you.

No. 1. Homeschool Co-Op

Having a co-op yearbook creates a sense of community as well as showing the “social” side of homeschooling. When your student meets up with kids of all ages every week it’s important to record those memories. They likely make projects, go on hikes, and have clubs where they make great friends they will want to remember.

As a home educator in a co-op, I’m super excited to be creating a co-op yearbook this year. I take a lot of photos during our meetups and events and I know the other parents do too. We are using Picaboo Yearbooks to print ours, and I’m designing it with the help of the kids. It’s a great group project! Did I mention I am excited?! I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

Fun Tip: Work with the other kids and parents in your co-op to make this yearbook spectacular!

Download it! Pin it!

Which yearbook idea do you like best? Will you be making a yearbook this year?

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