Simplify | My 2018 Focus Word


Simplify [ˈsimpləˌfī] – verb. to make something  simpler or easier to do or understand

This year, my focus word is simplify.

When the new year began I used to have a huge list of resolutions. I don’t remember most of them and I doubt I met many of those goals. In school I wrote plenty of essays about those resolutions and why they were important or how I would accomplish them. It never amounted to much. Then one year someone shared they were choosing one little word to inspire their whole year. That idea sounded so less daunting. I can remember a word. And I can let that word be immersed into my life.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with my word. I made it look pretty in my journal. Shared it. Defined it. Read some stuff about my word. Browsed Instagram and Facebook to see how others were using it. Then one day, it just clicked: ” I can better this moment if I [word of the year here].” This year I feel like a word pro and I hope this word will help me progress into the life and person I want to be by the end of the year.

How I Plan to Simplify

Streamline my work process.

Time seems to always escape me. I have a bad habit of multitasking and not getting enough done. I used to see my multitasking as a paramount skill. Sure, it is definitely useful at times, and a skill I undoubtedly appreciate when I’m learning something new. However my mother actually pointed out to me that when I focus on one thing at a time I tend to end up with something awesome, while when I multitask, I tend to forget things and let fine details get skipped. So this year, I plan to simplify anything I’m working on  by focusing on one task at a time.

Balance our homeschool.

Between selling our house, traveling in the camper, searching for a house, escaping the hurricanes, and finally moving into our new home, our homeschool has definitely become unbalanced. This year I want to simplify our schedule and lesson plans. I want to drop the stress of “catching up” for sick days, travel days, and all the other obstacles we’ve jumped over. We need to rediscover the fun of homeschool so we don’t get stuck behind the frustration.

Organize my space.

Boxes. Stuff. It’s EVERYWHERE. One moment I think our stuff is finally put away then the next… more stuff shows up. It’s an overwhelming amount of stuff we’ve accumulated and all of it makes it hard to get anything done. Now, I want simplify my organizing by choosing one space at a time and arranging it in an easy to use way.

Over all: remove the clutter.

Life collects clutter like our couch collects dust bunnies. Taking one task at a time and looking for more ways to declutter will – with any luck – end twenty-eighteen with a simplified lifestyle that allows me to focus on the important things.

What word are you focusing on this year?

Ashley Shelton

Ashley is the naturalist homeschool mom of Emmett's Expeditions. Since 2013, she has created nature centered learning activities that encourage kids to explore nature, discover new horizons, and protect the world we live in. In addition to wildlife activity books for your children's expeditions she has a Free expedition library for newsletter subscribers.




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