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  • Today we are adding the rest of the ornaments to the tree. Our Angel is too tall as a tree topper for this house so Emmett is going to make a star. .
It took a while to find everything with all the boxes from moving. There are still a few boxes of Christmas things hiding somewhere. I haven’t seen our pickle ornament yet. Do you put a pickle on your tree? .
📷 by @meganbreedenphotography
  • “Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.” - Mitchell Parish
Do you study different languages in your homeschool?
For the next several weeks, Emmett and I are practicing holiday songs in various languages including American Sign Language, Spanish, and French. .
Audio languages have never stuck with me but I’ve always loved Sign Language. Emmett has a lot of interest in other languages  I’m so glad there are apps and videos that can help me provide the tools he needs to learn them.
  • I firmly believe it should only be cold enough to snow when it’s snowing. ❄️ So when you start to get cold outside, remember to go home and make hot cocoa. 😁 Weather Cocoa Advisory brought to you by Emmett’s Expeditions 😉
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  • Do you take a ton of candid photos during the holidays? .
I like to take as many as possible. Being able to look back and be reminded of all those little moments means so much. .
Photographed by @meganbreedenphotography
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